Were you looking for Vinnie's Monstrous counterpart Monster Vinnie?

Vinnie, Otherwise known as the Grey Puppet, the Reversed Puppet, or the Tragedy Puppet, is a special character in Five Nights at Candy's. He only appears in the cutscenes, which occur whenever the player has accomplished a night.


Vinnie is a redesigned version of the Marionette from Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Vinnie has a tint of grey on his mask and has blue cheeks, purple tears, blue lips, and a perpetual gaping frown. His body is the same as the Marionette's, with a black sock monkey type body with white stripes and three white Buttons.


Night 1 Cutscene

At first he is not there, but once the player looks to the right and back to the left, Vinnie appears on the left of the Burger machine in the player's view. If the player looks away and looks back to the left, Vinnie goes closer to the player showing nothing but only his face. If the player looks away again, Vinnie will slide to the right for a millisecond with human like glowing pupils and then leaves the player with static.

Night 3 Cutscene

Vinnie seems to do the same behavior in the Night 1 cutscene but instead, his head also twitches violently. If the player looks away from Vinnie, he will come closer like in the Night 1 cutscene, still twitching his head, then the next time the player looks away, the cutscene will cut and leave the player with static.

Night 4 Cutscene

He is not there at first, but when looking right and then back to the left, he will appear, pointing to both Candy and Cindy sitting on the conveyor belt to the left. If the player looks away from Vinnie, he will disappear. If the player looks back at Candy and Cindy, they will both be looking at you with strange human-like eyes.

Night 5 Cutscene

Vinnie will move to the player behind the burger parlor machine then he will go in front of the player after a static appears. Once static appears again, Vinnie is directly in front of the player with no background and only his face visible with the display messages appearing saying


New Vinnie does make a cameo appearance in Five Nights at Candy's 2 as Easter egg and Five Nights at Candy's 3 in the Thank you for Playing image.


New Vinnie is a string/ventriloquist puppet with a grayish white face. He has brown-orange eyes, two blue cheeks and two blue lines down his face. He wears a blue bowtie. Overall he looks just like the original version, but with a few changes and bigger. His jaw is now separate into two parts, giving him a more sad appearance .


It appears for a single frame in the first night's Minigames of Five Nights at Candy's 2. Controlling Chester the Chimpanzee, when the player enters The Office, Vinnie will be visible for the first frame, but will immediately disappear.


  • As mentioned in a recent thread by PalomonsF, it is speculated that Vinnie was meant to play a bigger role in this game. It could be supposed to be an active animatronic in Five Nights at Candy's 2, but the reason why this was scrapped is currently unknown.
    • It is just a speculation, the main evidence for it comes from a dev sketch of his body in Dev Sketches section in Extras menu, since it would not make sense for Emil Macko to make a dev sketch of a minigame sprite.

Vinnie returns in Five Nights at Candy's 3, with an explanation for his existence in the Five Nights at Candy's series. He is replaced by his counterpart Monster Vinnie. In the Cutscene before game,Vinnie says:

"I remember what you did
they remember too
you were the reason
that we were all there
it happened because of you
and you can't tell anyone
why would you?
it is your fault"

Once Vinnie is done talking, his head will turn by an 180° angle (from the right) and he will face the player. Only about 1/5 of the left half and a silhouette of his right side can be seen in the dark. While this happens, a sound similar to someone grinding wheat between stones can be heard.

After Vinnie is done turning his head and faces the player, he will continue talking.

"all of it"
— Vinnie

The Final Night

When starting the Final Night, like the intro of the game, the player see Vinnie's head facing away from the screen, this time with dramatic music playing in the background, Vinnie says:

"Why did you return here
The secret's out
The weight of your guilt has been erased
so why did you return here?
I guess you wanted to confront the problem
me... the problem
I didn't realise what you had done until I was in my bed, about to sleep
I was never able to think clearly again
I don't even know if it still would've happened, if you hadn't been there
But you were there, you saw it all
and now, the truth has come out
and my life ends
it will never be like before...
I had everything..."

After Vinnie stops talking, similar to the aforementioned introduction, his head will turn to face the Player. The music will stop, and Vinnie will resume speaking, with glowing pupils appearing in his eye sockets midway into his dialogue.And Vinnie Say:

"and then you took it away
You don't get to walk away from what you've done to me
You've ruined my life
and now I will make sure
— Vinnie

Vinnie will Transform into Monster Vinnie and then briefly jumpscare the player, and the final night will begin.


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