The Office

The Office.

The Office is a location in Five Nights at Candy's where the player stays and controls the main protagonist, Mary Schmidt, throughout the game.


Candy cindy posters closeup

The posters of Candy and Cindy in the office.

You r dead

The calendar during 7/20 mode.

The Office is a large spaced room with a black desk with a button that connects to the window door underneath it, a red mug, a black alarm clock which tells the time, a black phone recorder, a peach colored computer with a computer monitor and keyboard, three stacked TV's (two stacked on the left side and one on the floor in the right side,) a black trash can, a news paper saying that Freddy Fazbear' s Pizza had closed down due to possible malfunction on the phone recorder, a black running, active fan, a calendar that changes throughout the nights, a hanger on a nailed piece of painted wood, a black and white checkered tile floor, two door buttons on the left and right side of the wall to close the side doors, and a poster that features and is labeled with Candy and Cindy. There is also an animatronic burger prop that belongs to Cindy sitting next to the fan.

If the player is able to complete Night 6, they will receive a Candy plushy, and when completing 7/20 mode on the Custom Night, a Cindy plushy appears on the desk. When trying to complete 7/20 mode, the calendar is written in a bloody text and reads, "YOU R DEAD."


In the Office, the player can close the two side doors to keep out anything that is nearby, and the window door to defend against Blank. The player can also use the Maintenance Panel in this room, by clicking the icon on the down of the screen. If glowing eyes will appear in the left or right door, close the door, otherwise the animatronic will enter the Office, killing the player if player will turn around, use camera or sometimes they can do it while even looking at the door. Old Candy and RAT doesn't have eyes so their eyes will not appear in doorways.

Old Candy and RAT can only be spotted by using the Night Vision. If they are close to the Office, they will appear in Backstage 1 (CAM 06 / left door) or the Entrance Hall (CAM 04 / right door). Old Candy will only appear at the left door, while RAT can appear at any of the two doorways.

Player must also close the window once Blank is out of Drawing Room. If neglected, Blank will break the window, cutting off power, and jumpscaring the player moments later.

Penguin office closeup

A closeup of the Penguin sitting under Mary Schmidt's desk.


  • As a very noticeable Easter Egg, if the player clicks on the noses of Candy and Cindy on the Candy and Cindy Poster, they will hear a honk sound.
  • The Penguin's pose while under the desk is similar to the famous Five Nights at Freddy's 2 hallucination, JJ (Balloon Girl, which was said by fans before her/his real name was revealed in the game files,) as they both appear under the desks.
  • Oddly, Mary Schmidt is not shown through the reflection of the window. It can be reference on how in the first FNaF's office, we can't see the reflection of Mike Schmidt on the monitors on the desk.

The Main Hall

The Main Hall.

The Main Hall, also known as the Office or Central Hall, is a location in Five Nights at Candy's 2 where the player stays and controls the main protagonist, Marylin Schmidt, throughout the game.


The Main Hall is a large spaced room, connecting almost every room in the facility. It contains grey desk with a coffee mug, a powerboard, some crumpled paper, a few energy drinks labbeled "Dat Taste" and a Candy plush on top of it. The left side of the room is also occupied by a breaker box and a rack.

Once the Camera Flash is used, the rest of the room surrounded by darkness will be revealed. There are chairs, a few opened cardboards, shelves and a few pipes is in here. There are also four pillars in the room.

If the player uses the Maintenance Panel, Marylin will take it from beneath the desk. It can't be seen without using it.


In the Main Hall, you can use the Maintenance Panel to monitor the animatronic's movements and to use the phones, but you are also able to use the Camera Flash to check if an animatronic has entered the Main Hall. If an animatronic enters the Main Hall, you can use a phone in a nearby room to lure them away. The animatroncs will move closer to the player, if he/she doesn't lure them away, until the'll be next to the grey desk, after which they'll jumpscare Marylin. All of the animatronics despite Chester and The Penguin, will have three phases while standing in Main Hall, drawing closer each phase.

Player can also use Maintenance Panel in room by hoovering the mouse on the bottom of the screen.


Candy Plush FNAC 2
  • Similar to the first game, there's an easter egg, where if the player clicks on the nose of the Candy plush, they will hear a honk sound.
    • Interestingly enough the plush looks really similar to plush awarded after beating Night 6 in first game.
  • Unlike the office in the first game, the office in FNaC2 doesn't have the Perspective View object. This makes it look more 2D rather than 3D.


Light Humming

The light humming.

Steps Left ENTER

The sound when an animatronic enters the left door.

Steps Left EXIT

The sound when an animatronic leaves the left door.

Door Close (2)

The sound when closing a door.

Light Button Fail

The sound when the door button is disabled.


The sound when running out of power.

Glass Impact

The sound when Blank hits the window door.

Glass Break

The sound when Blank breaks the glass.

Squeek 02

The sound when clicking Cindy's nose on the poster in The Office.

Squeek 01

The sound when clicking Candy's nose on the poster in The Office.

KING (2)

The sound when the Markiplier animatronic appears on a TV.