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Night 3 is the third playable Night in Five Nights at Candy's. The Penguin, Old Candy and Blank now become active. Candy, Cindy and Chester also turn even more agressive than in Night 2.

You must change your strategy from Nights 1 and 2, as animatronics without shiny eyes are now active. For Nights 3 and on, the following must be done:

  1. Check Blank to make sure he doesn't leave. If he has, close your window door, and do step 2. If not, go to step 3.
  2. If Blank leaves, close the window door, wait for him to knock while watching your left and right door outside the camera. Once the lights stop flickering you can safely open the window door again. If you see shiny eyes, immediately close the door they appeared at. Then go to step 3.
  3. Check your door cameras with Night Vision on. Remember, you must mostly rely on these from here on out.
  4. Repeat

Night 3 Phone Call

Phonecall 03
"Uh, hello? Looks like you're doing a fine job! I mean, you're still here. Ha ha. Uh, you're already like, practically as good as the last night guard we had. Except of course, he got fired in the end. Yeah. He uh, he kinda damaged one of the animatronics during his shift. I mean, you wouldn't do that, would you? No way. Um, I guess he went a little... crazy. You know, being alone in the dark each night. Uh, you know that character that the kids can draw on...? Uh, Blank...? I think? Yeah, I always liked that one. It's a brilliant concept. Yeah, his suit is made out of some special plastic stuff I think, that the kids can come in and you know, grab a crayon and start drawing on his head or his arms, uh, some of the others here think he looks a bit scary, after the whole security guard thing. We tried our best to fix him, but... uh, parts like his left hand and the back of his head are still missing. But the kids don't seem to really mind it, you know, so it's not a major issue. Um, yeah. From what we can tell, his head got a real beating. So he might act a little... strange. Um, like, he sometimes tried to get in the office, through the window. And he even managed to crack the glass, slightly, once. Yeah. If he leaves the Drawing Room, just shut the window doors so he doesn't break the glass. Those old ones couldn't see glass very well. Um, by the way, we're expecting more customers over the course of the next days, so next week we may need you on the day shift too, if you're up for it. Um, well anyway, have a good night."
— Phone Guy


Five Nights At Candy's ALL CUTSCENES

Five Nights At Candy's ALL CUTSCENES

Cutscene starts at 1:20

  • Date: 09/24/1987
  • Hour: 02:36
  • Animatronics: Vinnie

The cutscene starts showing the same bloody conyeror belt, but with police tapes around the place and the numbers near the parts, implying that investigation has started. If the player will turn left, player will see Vinnie twiching his head. If the player will turn right, and left again, Vinnie will be closer, similar to first cutscene, however his head will twitch. Turning to the right will result in the end of the cutscene.

  • The Loading Feed text.
  • The loading bar
  • The overlay
  • The REC circle


Ambience 04

Cutscene ambience.

Camera Pan

The sound when looking around in the cutscenes.

Output KfksPi
Output hLd0LB
Output kd95kI
Output cXgM2d
Output D8oTKW
Output kd95kI

Night 3 is the third playable Night in Five Nights at Candy's 2. Cindy and Chester become more agressive this Night. Candy and The Penguin also become active.

For Night 3, do the same as in Night 2, except now you'll have practically two "Cindy's" to watch, as Candy behaves similar to Cindy, only that he's quicker than her. Night 3 also adds a twist as the Penguin can show up anytime while you are watching the cameras.

If you see the Penguin's withered face on camera, quickly change the room or leave the camera, as otherwise he'll crash your security system, leaving you vulvernable to the other animatronics.

For Night 3 and on, the following must be done:

  1. Keep checking the Main Hall with Camera Flash.
  2. If somebody is in lure them out using telephones.
  3. If you hear banging immediately bring up your monitor and search for Withered Chester, and scare him away with phone.
  4. Be aware of Withered Penguin, check cameras cautionaly and if he appears on the camera, bring down the panel.
  5. Repeat.


Blank activate minigame
Blank minigame

Starting from the Drawing Room, the player controls Blank to search the restaurant for four pages that, upon picking them up, are shown as children's drawings of their experiences at Candy's Burgers and Fries. The chairs have changed color from red to green, and Chester's curtains have been removed completely, a new table having been moved into the room. The pictures collected are: 1) a drawing of the faces of New Candy and New Cindy, 2) a stick figure of a sad/confused child that says "Where is Chester?", 3) a child drawing a mustache on Blank with the caption "For Blank", and 4) a kid playing guitar with New Candy and Cindy with the caption "Our band!!!" After viewing the fourth collected drawing, the minigame will end.


FNAC 2 static 2

The sound when starting the minigame.

Minigame 3 slow Semerone

The music

FNAC 2 Minigame 3

The actual music

FNAC 2 burst

The sound when the minigame ends.

Locations for Night 3 minigame

Night 3 is the third playable night in Five Nights at Candy's 3.

Monster Cat becomes active on this Night.

Make sure you check the left and right of the bed to see if he is climbing up the bed.



Like the previous nights, you start in the Dreamscape. You will noticed that there is now a wardrobe and a box.

If you knocked him down again, he will say the following:

The Origami Cat:
Hey! You did it again...

I'm just trying to help you out!
Please, be careful!

If you speak with him, he says the following:

The Origami Cat:
I have bad news! I think the Cat is lurking around tonight.

You have to be extra careful now...
The Monster Cat is very sneaky, you see.
He'll probably try to get you from behind!
Check around each end of your bed as often as you can.
He could appear either from the very left or the very right side.
The flashlight thing will work on him too,
So remember to be extra sharp tonight!

Interacting with the bed causes the following dialogue to appear:

Go to sleep?
>Yes No
Choosing yes will start Night 3.

In the Deepscape, Shadow Cat will been active when the timer reach zero.

Post-Night minigame

After you completed night 3, you have a Post-night minigame:

You start at the entrance of The Rat and Cats Theater.

If Mary talks to the girl by the three tables:

The Girl:
Oh, hey, you again!

My daddy said the puppeteer's puppet is a double-puppet!
It means it's both a string-puppet, and a ventrilowist puppet!

If Mary talks to the Puppeteer by the closet:

The Puppeteer:
Hello there kid! I'm the Puppeteer!

Normally, my friend Vinnie is with me,but he's resting right now.
Maybe you'll get to meet him after today's show, it you want to!

If you talk to Mary's father by the restrooms:

Mary's Father:
Hey sweetie, have you met the Puppeteer?

He's here early today!

If Mary talks to the boy in the arcade area:

The Boy:
I met the Puppeteer! He's my friend now!

I even made a drawing for him, he really liked it!
Now I've draw a drawing for the Cat and the Puppeteer!
Now I just need the Rat as my friend too!

If Mary talks to the girl in the arcade area:

The Girl:
I already beat my highscores on all the games...

not like I could ever use those skills for aything useful
I wonder if you could get paid for playing games in the future?

If you talk to the Rat:

Heyyy! It's my little pal! Early for the show, as usual!

Up for another round of hide-and-seek?

If Mary says yes:

Neato! You hide again, then I'll count!

You can hide under the tables or in the closet. When the Rat finds you, you will be greet by Monster Rat then turn back to Rat. He will say:

Hahah! Gotcha again!

After this, the minigame ends