The Main Hall 2 is a location in Five Nights at Candy's.


The Main Hall 2 appears to be a part of a hall, with a table with two upside-down chairs on top of it to the left, and a poster of Candy with the word "SING!" on it and a poster of Cindy with the word "DANCE!" on it appear above it. On the left wall are what seems to be two restroom doors, the male's with a design of Candy on it to the left, and the female's with a design of Cindy on it to the right, and a small black trash can in between the doors. There is also a string of red, blue, orange, and green star decorations above the area, and black and white checkered flooring.


Candy, Cindy, the Penguin, and RAT appear here on their way to the Office. All of them excluding RAT have shiny eyes in this area.

The two posters of Candy and Cindy randomly change into disturbing red messages saying "YOU FELL ASLEEP" over Candy's poster and "IT IS YOUR FAULT" over Cindy's poster.