Uh, to your left and right there are also two doors. These doors are um, uhh... a little stupid. Um, you see... they require power to be closed. Um, I think it was something about some computer somewhere always checking if they're closed or not.

Doors are a vital mechanic in Five Nights at Candy's.


The side doors appear to be large blast doors, having yellow diagonal stripes toward the bottom and a yellow sign on it that says :



The window door however, has the appearance of a garage door, with the bottom section being yellow.


Shiny eyes left door

What is seen when a toy animatronic is at the left door.

Shiny eyes right door

What is seen when a toy animatronic is at the right door.

Penguin door-0

When the Penguin is at the right door.

The doors are vital to gameplay, as they are the only definitive way to keep animatronics out of your office and attacking you.

There are three doors, one to the left, one to the right, and one for the window. For the side doors, there are buttons to the side of it that you can click to close them, and for the window door, the button is on the middle of the side of the desk. When you close a door, they gradually start using more and more power, and they "cool down" when they are opened again.

Closed doors use more power over time, so it is required that you sparingly use them only when required. You can see how much the door consumes energy by looking on the door power meters. Left is for left door, right is for right door and middle one is for window.

Output 4dGtZO

Door power usage meter

When an animatronic is by the door, their eyes can be seen through the doorway if they have shiny eyes, and all of them can be seen when at the Entrance Hall and the Backstage 1 by the door, though none of them have shiny eyes visible in those areas. Old Candy and RAT need to be spotted by the camera, as they do not have shiny eyes.

The window door is a special case, where you need to close it when Blank is seen away from the Drawing Room, as if you don't close it in time, Blank will break the window from the Main Hall 3 and disable all of your devices, then shortly kill you. You must close the door before viewing the Main Hall 3 camera to keep him away.


Door Close (2)

The sound when closing a door.

Light Button Fail

The sound when the door button is disabled.

Glass Impact

The sound when Blank hits the window door.