One of the animatronics will attempt to climb into the ventilation systems to get to you! If you hear noises coming from the vents, find the camera the animatronic is on and then call the phone in the room to scare it away from the vent!
— FNaC 2 Night 2 tip

Chester, also known as Chester the Chimpanzee, is a new animatronic and the tertiary antagonist in Five Nights at Candy's. Chester never exactly appeared in one of Emil's posts. Instead, he was only shown in the game.


Chester is a Dark Brown Chimp Animatronic with a beige face and ears. He also wears short green trousers held up with two green suspenders with yellow buttons and has a beige chest and round ears on the side of his head, as well as amber colored eyes and two tiny nostrils.

He has a Red Banjo Instrument.

He Has white glowing pupils at night like the other Toy Animatronics.


Chester jumpscare

Chester's jumpscare.

Chester starts unseen behind the curtains in the Secondary Party Room, then peeks his head out. After that, he will exit the curtains in the Secondary Party Room, then move to the Arcade Area, then the Backstage 2, and finally to the left door in the Backstage 1.


Chester, Like Cindy, only goes to one of the two doors, specifically the left one. He moves significantly faster than Candy and Cindy. When he is at the door of Backstage 1, his white pupils are visible, similar to other "toy" animatronics. The Player must then close the door to prevent Death.


  • Both Toy Bonnie and Chester Moves in a trailer. In the FNaF 2 Trailer, Toy Bonnie opens his eyes and looks at the viewer for a millisecond. In the Fnac Trailer, Chester turns his head towards the viewer and looks at the viewer for a millisecond.
  • Similar to Chester, there was a real-life chimpanzee that murdered a person as heard in this disturbing 9-1-1 call.
  • According to Emil Macko on Reddit, he was only made to fulfill the space in Five Nights at Candy's.
    • He is also the least favorite character of Emil Macko.

Chester, also known as Withered Chester, returns as the tertiary antagonist in Five Nights at Candy's 2 in a disrepaired state. He becomes active on Night 2.


Chester is now a broken-down chimpanzee animatronic. He is the same appearance as he was in FNAC but broken down. His face covering is missing, exposing his endoskeleton face, although his upper and lower jaw are still there. His left ear is missing it's cover too. None of his endoskeleton parts appear to be missing through his upper right arm and his lower left leg are exposed. His suit also appears to have a slightly moldy texture.


W Chester jumpscare

Chester's jumpscare when he emerges from the vent

Chester becomes active on Night 2. He can appear in any camera like the other animatronics. His mechanic is different from most other animatronics: instead of trying to get to the player from the Central Hall, he will try to get to the player through the vents. By clicking the phone in the room Chester is in, the player can scare him away, and then he runs out of sight of the camera. Chester is never seen in the Central Hall, except during a jumpscare. He bangs on the vent cover while trying to get in it, so the player can listen for when they need to react to him. If left unattended, he will enter the vents and loudly climb towards the player; at this point, a jump scare is unavoidable unless the night ends first. He jumpscares the player when they have the Maintenance Panel up.


  • Chester's Behavior is later reused by CAT, who amps up the difficulty by staying in the same location he appeared, instead of being scared away by the phone calls like Chester
  • Chester appeared in the final teaser. Brightening the teaser showed text saying "Why didn't they like me?".
  • The minigames imply Chester was scrapped earlier then Candy and Cindy, perhaps after being damaged by RAT. This explains why he keeps the same joints and suit parts.
  • Chester banging on the vent cover and running away if scared off by the phone is one of the few times an animatronic is seen moving on camera or any time, not during a jumpscare.
  • Chester is the only character to have a single jumpscare in the game.
  • Chester is the 1 of the 4 characters that don't have a counterpart, the others being RAT, The Penguin and Blank.
  • Many thought that Emil Macko scrapped Chester in the story of the second game because he is his least favorite character. It was debunked by Emil in Reddit post.


Jumpscare Generic (2)

The toy animatronics' scream.


FNAC 2 jumpscare

The animatronics' scream (excluding The Rat, The Cat and Penguin).

FNAC 2 knocking

The sound when Chester is banging on the vent.

FNAC 2 open

The sound when Chester breaks the vent.

FNAC 2 crawling

The sound when Chester enters the vent.

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