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Candy, also known as Candy the Cat, is the titular antagonist of Five Nights at Candy's.

Before Five Nights at Candy's was planned, Candy was simply a fan made of Five Nights at Freddy's animatronic created by Emil Macko.


Candy is a Blue Animatronic cat that wears a red tie and has red rosy cheeks. He also has purple eyelids, with black and dotty whiskers.

Old Candy and Candy also have a similar appearance as they both are blue cats with pointy ears.

When he moves off stage, he has white glowing pupils. Additionally, his iris can occasionally become smaller, depending on the situation Candy is in.


Candy starts standing next to Cindy in the Main Stage; Sometimes, Cindy will roam off stage with Candy still standing. Candy then will be standing in front of the Cindy cardboard display in the Main Hall 1, then he will either stand in front of Chester's stage curtains in the Secondary Party Room, advancing to the Arcade Area, standing in front of what seems to be a Candy the Cat-based arcade machine, and after that, will go to Backstage 2 to stand around the middle of the area, and finally end up at the left doorway in Backstage 1. Candy may also go to Main Hall 3, then Main Hall 2, and finally stand nearby the right doorway in the Entrance Hall. Once he is blocked by the door, he will return to the Main Stage.


Candy jumpscare left

Candy's jumpscare from the left door.

Candy jumpscare right

Candy's jumpscare from the right door.

Candy and Cindy are known for coming and returning to the Office more frequently than any of the animatronics, with Blank as an exception. Candy can be seen at either doorway with glowing white pupils. If the player does not close the door in front of him while he is by one of the doorways, Candy will soon jumpscare the player.

Candy also has the Ability to Jumpscare the Player while a power outage occurs. Unlike Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights at Freddy's, Candy will wait outside the Office while the head lamp light in the Office is flashing. Soon after the light is gone, Candy jumpscares the player.
Candy jumpscare power out

Candy's jumpscare after the power outage.


  • In the first promotional teaser of Five Nights at Candy's, Candy's head seems to be wider. This is most likely because of an illusion, due to the shadow.
  • Originally (as shown on Emil Macko's Tumblr posts) Candy didn't have red cheeks, dotted whiskers, or his red tie until later.
  • Candy was once stolen, and used in the fangame The Return of Freddy's by BFPFilms/PoniatorFilms. He was renamed to Sugar, and people thought that Poniator was the real creator of Candy. This was proven wrong, and Poniator removed Candy/Sugar from the first game, he however added him in the sequels, but he modeled the character by himself.
  • According to game's creator, Candy and Cindy are twins.
  • The Candy model seen in Five Nights at Candy's is a V2, as seen on Emil Macko's Imgur page.
    • In his second version, Candy has more Texture. He's also not as Glossy Anymore.
  • Candy has the most jumpscares in the game. He has three jumpscares in total.
  • Sometimes, during the power outage sequence, Blank can occasionaly jumpscare the player, even when Candy is supposed to.
    • Candy can also jumpscare the player, even after when Blank breaks the window.
  • The jumpscare animation used in Candy's jumpscare, after the power outage sequence, is similar to a jumpscare animated by Emil Macko, as seen in here and here
  • In Night 4's cutscene, it is revealed that Candy and Cindy were both created on 9/25/1987.
  • Candy's nose on the poster in the Office honks when clicked. The same goes for Cindy, except she has a higher pitched honk. This is similar to the easter egg that also occurs on the whole Five Nights at Freddy's series.
    • Same goes for the second game, but the player must click on Candy's plush on the desk.

Candy, also known as New Candy or Withered New Candy, returns in Five Nights at Candy's 2 in a disrepaired state as a newer model.


New Candy appears in two forms, his "Normal" state, as seen in the Extra menu and throughout the Minigames, as well as his "Withered" form seen in the normal gameplay.

New Candy is a blue cat animatronic with a white stomach and face. He has brown eyes, red rosy cheeks, a red tie, blue eyelids, along with black and dotty whiskers. Compared to New Cindy, who has a more curved, female body, he has a more rounded body to make it more obvious that New Candy is male. New Candy looks similar to the normal Candy overall, but with a few tweaks. His joints no longer appear to clip in the suit parts. The teeth that were sharp are less sharp now. He now has a two-part torso. However Withered New Candy is the same as New Candy but broken.

His left eye is gone, exposing the endoskeleton eye. He is also missing the white part of his left ear and parts of the left side of his head. His right arm's covering is nearly gone, while parts of his upper left arm is exposed. Some of his tie and most of the lower half of his belly is also gone. His upper left leg appears to be missing part of its covering too.


Candy jumpscare (1)

Candy's jumpscare when looking at the Maintenance Panel.

Candy jumpscare (2)

Candy's jumpscare when looking at the office.

Candy will become active on Night 3, moving through the building, and will try to enter the Main Hall. If Candy is in the Main Hall, the player has to use a telephone in another room, in order to ward off Candy. If the player doesn't take action, New Candy will draw closer and soon jumpscare the player. He can jumpscare the player, if they have the Maintenance Panel up, or if they are looking around the Main Hall. He will start in Cam 016 on Night 3, Cam 013 on Night 4, and Cam 014 on both Night 5 and Night 7. He behaves similar to Cindy, except that he moves quicker.


  • At first, most people thought he was a withered version of the Candy model shown in the first Five Nights at Candy's game. This was later proved to be wrong; he is a withered version of a newer model of Candy.
  • He is one of the five characters that are guided by the phone's ringing sound, the other ones being Cindy, Blank, RAT and CAT.
  • Candy appeared at the beginning of the Five Nights at Candy's 2 trailer with New Cindy.
  • Because of his and New Cindy's different appearance, from the original Candy and Cindy, some people thought that the game was actually a prequel to Five Nights at Candy's. This was disproven at the release of the game.
  • Emil Macko confirmed that he created a new body for Candy in Five Nights at Candy's 2.
  • In the Five Nights at Candy's 3 Minigame Teaser Trailer, a minigame featuring Candy and the Penguin is shown. This proves that Candy and the Penguin will appear in Five Nights at Candy's 3 in some way.


Jumpscare Generic (2)

The toy animatronics' scream.

Squeek 02

The sound that plays when clicking Candy's nose on the poster in The Office.


FNAC 2 jumpscare

The animatronics' scream (excluding RAT, CAT and the Penguin).

FNAC 2 phone disable

The sound when Candy disables the phone.

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