The Arcade Area is a location in Five Nights at Candy's.


The Arcade Area seems to be a small area for customers to play video games. Two strings of red, blue, orange, and green star decorations are hung above the area.There are two arcade machines at the far wall as well as some to the right, with a Candy decoration on the side of the front one. To the right of that machine is a cutout with holes where the faces would be for customers to put their own faces through. At the opposite corner is an open door, with a black trash bin to the left of it, and a table with two upside down chairs on it to the left of that. A poster of Cindy to the left of a poster of Candy are above the table.


Candy, Chester, Old Candy, and RAT appear here on their way to the office. Candy and Chester have shiny eyes in the area while the others do not.

A blue origami cat can also appear here between the two upside down chairs on the table.